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Capitol Punishment

The A's crawl away from humid Washington D.C. after getting swept and now it's down to Hotlanta.

Man, watching someone like Livan Hernandez pitch tonight should give Joe Blanton inspiration. Because despite his average stuff, Hernandez was all over the corners of the zone tonight, baffling the A's hitters. Granted, the umpire was also all over the place with his zone tonight, but regardless, Hernandez realized it and used it to his advantage. Joe needs to learn to do the same because he has better stuff than Hernandez. It will come. Eventually.

In reality, baseball was a game of inches tonight for Simmerin' Joe. As in, Kotsay was mere inches away from reeling in Nick Johnson's double.

But those seem to be the ways of our team on the road right now.

What's more scary to me was seeing Crosby repeatedly clutch his right quad. I can only hope that the injury isn't serious. The A's can't lose Crosby right now.

By the way, a trip to Sacramento seems to be doing Keith Ginter well. After starting out very slowly, he had three hits tonight, raising his average up to .278. It'd be nice if Sacramento did the same thing for Charles Thomas because no one can argue with the quality of Thomas' defense.

But let the kids play. Let Watson, DJ, Swisher and Crosby all take their lumps now. It'll help in the long run.