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Mac Tonight

I just updated the Beane Counter for the first time in several days, and you know what? Bobby Kielty has been deadly lately.

In May, Bobby Kielty's numbers have looked like this:

5 Games, 1.238 OPS, 1 HR and 3 RBI.

Yes, this short period of time does not a season make, but Kielty has been hitting the ball well all season. Even when he doesn't get a hit, he's laying some solid lumber on the ball.

As a matter of fact, Kielty is now leading the A's in on-base percentage at .377 (Bobby Crosby doesn't qualify).

So, for those who were always ripping Kielty last year, remember that Beane never lost faith.

This is from the AN interview with Billy Beane when I asked him what he considered his worst move:

Billy Beane: I still have faith that Bobby Kielty will be a good player. People will point to that one. But understand that Ted was going to get to a range we couldn't afford. I still think it's a story unwritten despite Ted's year (in Toronto) because I think Bobby is going to be a good player. Ted's season last year was certainly a more productive year from that standpoint. But I rule out Bobby Kielty because I think Bobby Kielty is going to be a very valuable guy. I think very, very highly of him and I know that might raise the ire of some people who might not be very satisfied with his performance last year.

It's still early and Kielty hasn't done it for a long period of time, but remember this is a guy in 2002 who had an OBP of .405. There's a reason Beane and company wanted him.

There's a reason Beane treasures patience. And not just at the plate.