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We're All Oakland Athletics Fans Here

Normally, this thread would be used for talking about the A's inability to score runs, but there has been something cropping up on the site more and more lately that I want to discuss instead.

In the past week or so, I've received multiple emails from people complaining about other posters on the site.

I want to just remind all of you very simply, we're all A's fans. We all feel pain when this team loses. We all want to win that World Series ring. Just please when someone says something inflammatory, try to ignore them or if you wish, you can try and reason with them. Just be aware that some people just get off on trying to make other people angry and if you respond you feed the monster.

Remind yourself over and over, "We're all A's fans here. We're all A's fans here." You may be a different religion, different ethnicity, a different political view, but in my view, we're all one family because we all bleed green and gold. I get a lot of crap because I'm almost always positive about the team, but I know that crap is coming from people who care about the team the same way I do and that's where it's coming from.

Try and remember that. Also, remember, the more in-fighting there is here on AN, the less is left over to battle those who really deserve it. Angels and Yankee fans.

I founded this site because I wanted a place where intelligent discourse can go on 24/7/365 between the most intelligent sports fans on the planet...A's fans. Let's continue to try and keep it at a high level.

And one last thing to think about. The more I have to try and mediate over these arguments among our own, the less time I'm spending lining up my next interviews.

Thanks and sorry to have to spend my time writing this, but I figure it's easier to write it here than respond to all the emails I've been getting lately. It's also somewhat easier than writing one more time about our, cough, cough, offense.

WE'RE ALL A'S FANS HERE. And this is still the best online community in the world. Bar none.