In honor of 610 AM's new format (newly revised)

No more game thread for me, it's too depressing.

Instead I will leave with you the AN prayer, inspired by the folks at "KGOD" 610 AM, home of your Oakland Athletics.

I started this on the game thread, but I've cleaned it up, spelling wise and I'm presenting it to you all.

Celebrant: And let us pray in the words Blez has taught us.

Our Father,
who isn't Art Howe in heaven,
hallowed by Thy Game,
Thy KingDome come, Thy will be done,
on grass, as it is on Field Turf,
give us this day our daily win,
and forgive us our rants on AN,
as we forgive those who fail to drive in runners in scoring position,

and lead us not into SBC Park,
but deliver us another Division Title,

Celebrant: Deliver us O Lord, a new stadium, one that will generate much revenue to the A's in glory so that they can keep free agents.

For the strikeouts, the power hitting and glory are yours, now and forever.


I think I am going to hell for this.