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So far, the A's have played nine series (10 if you include tonight) and they've lost the opening game a lot lately, only to take the series. Four of the last six series they've lost the first game to either win the series or tie it. Will this series make it five out of seven? We shall see. It would be nice to get victories for our starting pitchers on occasion.

You want an illustration of just how meaningless win-loss record can be for pitchers? Check out the ERAs and corresponding win totals of our pitching staff:

  • Zito: 1 W, 5.84 ERA
  • Harden: 2 W, 1.82 ERA
  • Haren: 1 W, 4.11 ERA
  • Blanton: 0 W, 2.67 ERA
  • Saarloos: 1 W, 5.33 ERA
Yes, the starting staff has a grand total of five wins right now. The bullpen has eight wins. This is more of a reflection on the struggling offense right now.

As for the game itself, the A's want to have Mark Kotsay at bat with the game on the line. The only other player you could ask for would be Marco Scutaro. Nine times out of ten, I'll take those two guys with the game on the line any day of the week.

Only tonight it didn't hold true. All trends come to an end.