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My Therapy

OK, AN, you asked for it. This is how I get over an A's loss this year. I'm glad this is the year Mrs. Blez and I had our baby daughter. She's helped me settle down a bit.

So I figured I'd share some Maya photos with you after the A's seventh loss in a row.

Remember the awesome blanket Jennifer made our baby? Well, look at how big she has gotten.

Since Zonis and others seem to need hug bunnies lately.

Maya is constantly wrapped in everything A's. Including her Papi's blanket.

This is one of my favorite photos of my angel.

When we were down in LA, Jason Grabowski and his wife came and visited us. Jason loved Maya. I think the feeling was mutual.

There you have it. She helps me get over an A's loss unlike any way I've ever been able to before.