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How Low Can We Go?

As I expressed yesterday, someone just keeps lowering that limbo pole and somehow the A's keep contorting themselves under it. The team was swept by the Devil Rays and the offense was miserable again today. Wouldn't you know the minute Haren turns his fortunes around, the offense would shrivel up again?

I'm feeling dejected and my morale feels pretty low right now since I was so excited about this season (mostly because I knew every team in the West had significant flaws - I don't think anyone thought Kenny Rogers would turn into Sandy Koufax). I thought it would be exciting to see the younger guys compete, the solid pen, the top of the order hit and Zito regain his form. And like I said yesterday, everything needed to break right for the team to compete this year. It hasn't because of the injuries, the dogpaddling middle of the order and inconsistent starting pitching. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to take the A's flag off my car or stop wearing A's gear every day. Even if the johnny-come-lately Red Sox or Yankee fans taunt me for it. I know our day will come. And soon.

Still, it's a painful time to be a green and gold supporter. I have one simple question, and the answer is probably yes now since we're in the moment, but is this the lowest you've felt as an A's fan? Is there another time when it felt worse in recent years? I can't remember. Maybe the Boston series with Tejada and Byrnes? I realize that this team was built for the future, but no one really thought it would be as bad as it is right now before the season began.

By the way, if ever I was looking forward to meeting people at AN Day, this year is it. I need some commiserating company. Oh, and in the next week I'll be bringing you an inside look at our future. That might just become the general thrust of AN for the time being. Stay tuned.

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Is this the lowest you've felt as an A's fan?

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  • 38%
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  • 11%
    Lower that limbo stick - we're just getting warmed up
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  • 27%
    Keep the faith!
    (57 votes)
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