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It was an amazing turn of events tonight. Yes, the A's lost tonight. Yes, Barry Zito was brilliant. Yes, the offense has made like a turtle and gone back into its shell.

But the real news out of the game tonight was that Joe Morgan gave our Oakland Athletics credit. Yes, the same Morgan who continually rides the green and gold.

It's breaking news of the highest order.

I believe the conversation went something like this.

"The Oakland Athletics have had an incredible run the past five years. They've been one of the best organizations around and it's amazing that they've done it on the limited payroll."

It was a strange stream of consciousness from a man who has seemingly wanted to do nothing more than rip the team constantly.

He then went on to say, "Well, I know I don't always agree with the way they play the game, but the results can't be disputed. I just feel like this is the year that being a small market and losing all those players will finally catch up to them."

Well, that and injuries. But it was remarkable to hear it from Morgan. Perhaps he's sick of fighting with angry A's fans, but whatever his motivation was, the man deserves some credit. It was like suddenly hearing the truth about JFK's assasination, Hangar 19 is real and Elvis is still alive. All at once.

Course, the new mystery is, what happened to the A's recent offensive surge?