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Home...and Everything is Right in the World

Back in No Cal. Back home. And the A's bats stayed alive and kicking. Nice. I didn't want to have to move to Connecticut to make sure the offense continued.

Contrary to many people on the thread tonight, I felt like Macha handled this perfectly. Blanton was struggling, but it didn't get out of hand. Earlier in the season, 3-2 at that point and most of AN would have tuned out.

But let's recognize the following:

  • Bobby Kielty. OK, you can all come out of hiding. Those of you who were relentless in your abuse of Kielty last season. He had four hits tonight. When Swisher is finally ready, the A's outfield situation should be very interesting. I imagine it will probably be Swisher against righties and Byrnes against lefties. And Kielty permanently.
  • Make a mental note to yourself. Eric Chavez had a hit against a left-handed pitcher in a key situation tonight. People claim that he doesn't EVER come through in those situations. He did tonight.
  • I've been calling for Ginter to get more playing time for a while. And it paid off tonight. He's got that elusive slugging ability the A's so desperately need.
  • How about Yabu? I distinctly remember Gary Radnich from KNBR 680 on the day the A's acquired Yabu making fun of Billy Beane and company for the signing. I think it's especially fitting that he beat Radnich's beloved Giants tonight. Yabu is absolutely deadly if he can quickly get ahead of the hitter because he throws a deadly splitter.
  • My first quarter grades for the A's will be posted on Monday (I spent a good deal of time writing it today). Please refrain from offering your grades for that thread. I think it will make for an interesting discussion.
  • And finally, I love it when the A's beat the Giants. I just can't stand that team, although they're not as easy to dislike without Barroid. But I will say that I think I still dislike the Angels more than any other team, despite the HUGE bandwagon following the Red Sox now. I swear I saw at least 10 people wearing Boston hats Chicago, in California. Everywhere.