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Look at What You Kids Have Done to the Place

I miss my first A's game of the season (where I wasn't live, had TV or radio) and look what happens. Swisher seemingly cracks a bone. Barry Zito gets a win. Billy Beane is making slight overtures at possibly signing AN favorite and one of my personal favorites Mark Kotsay to a long-term deal.

Guess I can't skip a game anymore or I miss a lot.

The Swisher injury, let's hope it isn't serious, could possibly open up a roster spot. Vacaville native Jermaine Clark could get that roster spot, which in a lot of ways is good because he brings speed, he brings versatility (Clark can literally play any position short of medical trainer) and he brings an infectious enthusiasm for the game. I'd also like to think that Matt Watson would merit serious consideration when you factor in that he is hitting .298 and is leading the River Cats in total bases. This on top of the fact that he's proven himself for a while now. But the versatility of Clark could outweigh anything else. Macha loves players who give him options.

On the positive side, Bobby Kielty does seem to be warming as well. Could we see an outfielder of Byrnes, Kotsay and Kielty for a while?

Maybe you can tell me.