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Out of Time

I've been preparing all day for my trip to Bristol tomorrow for the ESPN interview on Thursday, so I didn't get to hear all of the game.

But my impression when I hear these lines:

Zito: 5 IP, 115 pitches and 7 BB
Clement: 5 2/3 IP 109 BB and 4 BB

My impression is, wow, this was a Moneyball game to the extreme. Of course, this is ultimately where the A's are dying because of Calero's absence. If Kiko was there without the elbow issue (let's hope he can get there again and soon), it's game over, A's win. But Calero's absence right now is bigger than any other player.

I made a statement earlier this season that if the A's entered the seventh inning with a lead that eight of 10 times this year they would win. Well, without Calero, it's 50/50 right now. But I do think it's time to start trusting Street more. He's proven that he can get the strikeout when he needs to and work himself out of jams.

Any way, it's frustrating to know that the bullpen should be so much better than this. But that's baseball and injuries happen. Even to automatic relievers like Calero. Let's just hope that he comes back the pitcher he was before the injury and not the one serving gopher balls to the Yankees.

Oh and my parting shot is, Dan Johnson should be called up now. Hatteberg is valuable with the stick at times, but his defense has deteriorated significantly.

The problem is, the A's have no one to send down. They need Thomas around while Kielty remains unavailable.