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Open Thread: Game 40 - A's vs. Red Sox

Things don't look good for our Athletics. The A's are looking to take the series from the Sox today with Seth Etherton who has no record. Etherton takes on David Wells with a 2-3 record and a 4.91 ERA.

I'm off to ESPN for the SportsCenter Special tomorrow (airing 7 EST, 4 PST), so I'll open a couple of extra threads below.

In the meantime, read this piece in the Boston Globe this morning. It's easy to judge a team based on 39 games, I guess. I know a lot of you agree with this line of thinking, but I think this columnist's thinking is a bit short-sighted for many reasons. Did he ever consider that perhaps the market for Hudson and Mulder was a lot higher than that for Zito? The dog pile on Beane is just starting. (thanks to RunRickeyRun for pointing this piece out).

If anyone would like to drop Mr. Wilbur some pleasantries through email, his address is

Talk to you later this week. And don't judge my TV appearance too harshly. Remember, it's only my second time on TV.

Adios amigos!!!

LET'S GO A'S!!!!