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Bristol Here I Come

Next Thursday, SportsCenter is having a special hosted by Bob Ley focusing on steroids in baseball. I have been invited to come on the show during the last segment, which will probably be about 15 minutes long, to be the voice of the "hard core fan" and how I feel about steroids in baseball.

I'm flying to Bristol on Wednesday, taping the appearance around noon on Thursday and flying back on Friday. I will be on a panel with Gwen Knapp from the San Francisco Chronicle and Juan Williams from NPR.

To put it simply, they're probably going to ask me several questions, one of which is why players who use steroids are still getting cheered. My take on that is simple. Those players are cheered because sports is tribal and we defend our own. At least until they hit .190, then all bets are off.

They'll also probably be asking me how fans feel about steroids and why attendance is actually up this year.

Any way I thought I'd share with AN that I'm going to be on The Big Show. It's scheduled to air at 4 p.m. PST on May 19.