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Virgil once said, "They are able because they think they are able."

If that is true, someone needs to get the A's offense to see a shrink.

The ugly spotlight shifted to Octavio Dotel tonight, but the truth is that the offense once again failed. Three hits. That's it.

Granted it was against the pitcher with the longest currenty winning streak in baseball, but still, the road doesn't get any easier tomorrow morning with Matt Clement.

I'm starting to think the loss of Crosby and Swisher and the power threats they pose had a profound effect on this group. They may not have had the experience, but Crosby had 22 bombs last year. Swisher already had three. And now, Calero is gone for at least 15 days.

The A's may be finding ways to snatch losses from the jaws of victory, but I'll continue to wake up, go to my closet and get my A's tee and cap.

I still believe. I can't help myself.

Virgil also said, "Each of us bears his own Hell."