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Wear it, AN, Wear it

13-5. Wear it.

An offense so helpless right now, the manager is asking writers to help him fill out his lineup card tomorrow. Wear it.

Young pitchers who are occasionally going to unravel. Some more than others. Wear it.

A number three hitter who not only claims they kept the wrong guy, but also says, we don't play well in Fenway Park. Wear it.

A bullpen that is suddenly human. Wear it.

A fanbase that was spoiled by so much regular season success and is now having a tough time dealing with the down year that Billy Beane himself even forewarned us all about. Wear it.

A defense that unravels when the offense scores a few runs and an offense that dies when the pitching dominates. Wear it.

The A's have lost six out of seven. Wear it.

I'm an A's fan through and through. I don't doubt that soon we could be seeing some kind of shakeup. Dan Johnson, Andre Ethier and possibly even Rheinecker could soon be in the fray.

But regardless of what happens, I'll Wear it.

Speaking of Wear it., the tee shirts have been mocked up and are nearly ready for order. We may NEED them now to help us through this season.

It would be helpful again if we had an idea of how many wanted these tees and what size.

This is the men's dark green tee. There will also be a limited number of black tees available as well.

This is the woman's raglan tee. I wish they made something similar for men. My wife has an early mockup of this tee and it's sweeeet.

The One Nation Under Billy tees are just waiting on the Communist poster artwork. And we're putting together a sticker pack that has everything popular to AN in it, including "Marco! Scutaro!"