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Impressions: Game Two

Much like we shouldn't get too depressed over the first game loss, we should also temper our excitement over this win.

With that said, here are my thoughts from the game:

  • Saarloos has a nasty sinker that helped him look filthy against a powerful lineup. One hit and one walk in six innings. If Kirk can use that sinker and consistently throw it for strikes, he's going to possibly be the best "fifth starter" in the AL.
  • As baffling as the A's lineup looked on Tuesday, it looked exactly the opposite tonight. Swisher's approach at the plate has to be something universally loved by all A's fans. The guy just rarely swings at pitches outside the zone. His approach is absolutely the ideal approach that Billy Beane looks for when looking for players. He's prototype Athletics. Ginter also supplied the pop David Forst promised tonight.
  • We all know Jason Kendall is an excellent offensive catcher, but he's also a superior game caller. Even on the nights he doesn't contribute much with the bat, expect him to help guide this young staff to remarkable heights.
  • While I don't like the choice to use Dotel over Yabu tonight to end the game, I can appreciate the fact that Dotel needs his work, especially coming off that dreadful spring.
  • How about a big AN round of applause for Huston Street? The first player from the 2004 draft to make an appearance in the big leagues. And he faced Matos, Roberts, Mora, Tejada and Sosa. Those are quality bats right there. And he used that beautiful slider and pinpoint fastball to work through the nerves.
  • Nice to see Chavy will still take pitchers opposite field. Eventually, he's going to force them to try and come back inside on him. And then, look out!
So, what are your impressions of the game? 1-1 and out of the AL West cellar as Seattle lost.

Let's see Danny Haren pitch like he did against San Francisco this past weekend tomorrow and take this series, boys.