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It's Over

Ding dong, the streak is dead. The A's ended their three-game skid tonight as well as a scoreless streak that was bordering on absurd.

King Richard was a bit off tonight, but finally the offense came through. This could be the game where we finally say, that's when the bats came to life.

A couple of things jumped out at me from this game:

  • The A's got a key performance from Eric Chavez. Yes, the same Eric Chavez who has be demonized here in AN for not "manning up." Well, he did and this was a key game for him to do it. His gold glove appeared as well as a key hit early in the game to plate a couple of runs. He's going to have to continue to do it in the coming weeks, but it's definitely a good start tonight.
  • I don't hate Eric Byrnes. I really don't. I've met him and I really love his hustle and respect how hard he works. I want the guy to do well and be an every day left fielder. But his fielding continues to be little league. I'm almost thinking Byrnes should DH against left-handed pitching, especially because his stick came alive tonight. I love the guy's effort, but he is prone to both bad breaks on balls as well as brain cramps like Bill King said tonight.
  • Keiichi Yabu has a 0.96 ERA. Justin Duchscherer has an 0.73. Dotel has a 1.08 ERA. If the offense comes out of its slumber, this bullpen is ready to help the green and gold win some games. Regularly.
  • Nick Swisher finally got his first two hits off left-handed pitching. I'd like to see him in the lineup day in and day out. He's only going to get better the more he learns.
  • Kendall also had two hits. If he and Chavy really do wake up, this offense could improve rapidly. It's not going to rival the Yankees or Red Sox, but it will be much better than what they've shown so far.
  • One other note that's rather annoying. I was just watching the Best Damn Sports Show (it happened to be on after the Giants game ended - I was rooting against them) and Chris Rose, the host, was interviewing Mark Mulder and he said, "It must be nice to actually be playing in front of fans this year since last season you played in front of what, friends and family?" He was taking a shot at Oakland fans. I suggest we let them know we have a voice. Here is their phone number: 866-839-4328 and if you want to send them an email, here is the link. I think a couple thousand phone calls and emails might make them think differently. What a tool.