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Empty. That's how I feel after tonight.

Even when Barry Zito, Joe Blanton and Danny Haren pitch well, they get nothing.

This offense is just plain offensive right now. The first time the team has been shut out in back-to-back games since 1997.

Billy Beane likes to make moves before he is forced to make a move. He's the master of the preemptive move. But in the rare occasion where a team is skidding uncontrollably, he will do what is necessary. That is where the Octavio Dotel deal originated last season.

In reality, it's going to take more than one bat to fix the lineup right now because too many players are struggling. It's still too early to claim it's desperation time, but if Harden pitches another gem tomorrow and doesn't get any offensive support, Billy Beane's unused cell minutes from last month could be gone very quickly.

But wow, if this is deflating for us as fans, imagine how it must feel to the pitchers right now.