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AN's TV Debut/Final Voting for the New Slogan

On April 17th, as many of you know, the KICU A's pregame show featured Athletics Nation. I want to again thank many of you who made a special trip

You can check out the video clip via Windows Media Player here. And here is a regular .mov file. Go easy on me since it was my first ever TV interview.

And since Wear It wasn't among the original choices since I thought there was a copyright issue with Aces, which Mychael Urban subsequently cleared up, I want to take the top three votes from the last poll and throw wear it in there. What I'm leaning toward right now is "Wear It" on the next group of green/black tees and "One Nation Under Billy" on the back of the Communist tees once they're ready to go.

But let me know. Click on entry link below to vote.