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There's No A in Offense

At least early in 2005. It's starting to sound like a broken record, but it's definitely the early story of the season.

The A's currently have one of the game's best 0-2 pitchers in young Smokin Joe Blanton. The kid has pitched incredibly well early this year and he has yet to earn a win. He's got a 1.75 ERA and still no W.

The offense has to come around. Tomorrow is game 20 and it's been the worst in the AL so far this season. Kendall's bat has to wake up eventually. But even for the most upbeat, positive fan this is disheartening. I've got to believe that Billy Beane, who is patient to a point, must be getting supremely frustrated with this, especially since his young kids have performed remarkably well. Not sure if Beane would make a move this early, but the lack of offensive support has to take its toll on the psyche of kids like Haren and Blanton. Maybe they suddenly start to try to be too fine because of their belief that they aren't going to get any run support.

Regardless, at least we're even at 3-3 on the season with the overwhelmingly popular division favorites.

It doesn't get any easier now with the best team in the AL coming in in the White Sox.

Zito going tomorrow. Hopefully he's dealing like he was his last start at the Coliseum.