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AN "Create a Tee" Contest

It's been a while since AN has had a contest, but I'd like to start one now. The next group of AN tee shirts are nearly ready and I'd like to go with something different on the back than "In Billy We Trust."

This is a community effort, so the winner will win two different versions of the new tees, which have the hoodie logo on them, but are dark green and/or plain black. This will also go on the back of a raglan tee with the Communist design on the front (thanks to AN member Baker to making it into a high res version so it can be printed). There is also a girly raglan tee coming that is just about the coolest shirt I've ever seen. The middle of the shirt is green and the sleeves are white with yellow trim. It's a work of art.

We can go with something similar to In Billy We Trust like the oft-mentioned "What Would Billy Do?". But I don't want to lead the conversation or make suggestions. I want this shirt to be something that truly reflects AN, much like our first tee.

We'll come up with the top five out of this thread and then put it to a vote. Give us some good ones AN.

Oh, and one other note, we're at 45 people for AN Day. Just need another five tickets sold.