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Defining Clutch

SABR and statheads claim there is no such thing as clutch. I tend to agree with them. There isn't any statistical proof for clutch.

But it's tough not to think that Scott Hatteberg raking an 0-2 fastball to left field for the tying and go-ahead run against what is possibly the toughest reliever in the AL as luck. Or coincidence. Or fate. Or Miss Cleo's vision.

Sit back and savor this victory tonight, folks. Beating the Westminster, Santa Ana, Irvine, Garden Grove Angels Angels in such a deflating manner is like David knocking down Goliath and then taking his lunch money.

And I'm calling a moratorium on the negativity for nine whole hours. No negativity here until next pitch tomorrow. I don't want to hear about Chavy choking or any of that. I want people to sit back and just enjoy a thrilling win against what is one of AN's most disliked teams. This is one of those rare moments in a baseball season when the adrenaline takes hold of you as a fan and just pushes you through on a high right to the next game.

I also want to stop for one moment and give Ricardo Rincon some props because I'm often one of the first here to be tough on the guy. He's pitched very well two days in a row. Also, Bobby Kielty had some pretty decent at bats tonight.

So, while Chavy and Durazo didn't come through when they needed to, their teammate picked them up. Congrats to Scott Hatteberg who just demonstrated in a very unscientific way EXACTLY what clutch is.

One last question: Can you believe this team is where it is right now without our number three and four hitter coming through yet? That's meant to incite positive talk about the team, not slamming of Chavez and Durazo.

Stop for a moment. Stop the analysis. Just be a fan for a few hours and soak in the pure joy of a sweet, delicious victory.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: And on top of this victory, we also found out today that Bobby Crosby will be patroling the Oakland infield for at least five more years. At $12.75 million total. If the kid matures like many expect him to, that deal will look like an absolute steal in the end. Good day indeed. - Blez]