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King Richard

Don't blink, because if you do, you're going to miss it like a 97-mph fastball.

The coronation of a king. The land he rules? The baseball diamond. It's his. You can throw anyone at him.

Gigantasaurus Sexson. Adrian "With This Contract, No Need to Tighten My" Beltre. Bret "Bat Flippin" Boone.

King Richard rules the Oakland pitching staff with a 0.44 ERA. His pitches are silly good. Shake your Sexson good.

And his ascension to greatness is nothing new to the loyal subjects who've seen this before with pitching royalty of yore. But that doesn't make it any less a treat. He takes over from those who helped pave the path. Royalty like Blue, Hunter, Stewart, Hudson and Mulder. King Richard will soon be mentioned with those same names.

He's still a young king, but his power is quickly becoming sovereign. His potential is nearly limitless.

Yes, King Richard is here to stay. Long live the King.