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BBQ Plaza It Is

AN voted and decided that BBQ Plaza was the choice. Wow, I just sounded like that tool Ryan Seacrest. Ick.

I've also been told that the seats are actually excellent and aren't obstructed view. We're actually going to be sectioned off into a place all our our. Sweet.

So, here's what needs to happen. I need at least 50 tickets sold at $31 a piece by Wednesday. That will reserve the area for us. We can add as many people as we want later, but I need at least 50 now. And just so I'm up front with you, the price of the ticket is actually $30, but I'm charging an extra dollar to take care of the PayPal fees.

If you can afford to, please PayPal the money for your tickets from me ASAP.

My PayPal address is I will then need you to send me an email with how many tickets you wanted and your mailing address.

AN Day Reloaded is officially under way.