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Even God Can't Win with No Runs

Smokin Joe was impressive today. He moved around that fastball and did well to contain a mighty offense. Statheads are going to throw around his low strikeout rate to discourage any excitement over the kid, like Neyer did earlier today.

Speaking as a fan of the team, I'm not going to let it get me down. Yet.

The offense once again went into hibernation, but Astacio has been one of the Rangers better pitchers this young season. Remember, an even keel makes your boat stay on course...or something like that.

I wanted to take advantage of the long break between games to ask a simple question. Now that August 13th has been officially chosen as AN Day at the Coliseum II, I want to know how many tickets you're going to want. I need to start organizing it. This is just to get a count of the number of tickets I'm going to need so I can figure out what the price is going to be. I think if we get more than 50, we might be able to get the BBQ Terrace. But I need a head count to figure out all those details. Also, would you be willing to pay an extra $10 or so on top of the price of the ticket per person to have a tailgating section of the parking lot set up?

Let me know in the comments below about the number of tickets you'll want and whether you'd be willing to add some extra dough for the tailgating or BBQ terrace cost.

Thanks and I hope to see everyone out there this year. And distance isn't an excuse. Last year, we had people come from Alaska and Los Angeles for this. That's why I'm starting organize it so early this year. I want to give everyone a chance to be there.

And I'm also going to work on getting special guests to make cameos. So don't miss out.