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The Kot-Say Hey Kid

Don't hate Mark Kotsay because he's so much cooler than you and I. Don't hate him because he's rapidly becoming one of the best outfielders in the history of our Athletics.

Just sit back and admire the beauty that is Mark Kotsay.

He repeatedly gets a quick jump on almost every ball off the bat. He has a quick bat that laces doubles, smacks singles and occasionally knocks one out of the park. He plays fly balls about as naturally as you or I might breath. If he doesn't make that magical catch tonight, perhaps the A's are staring at extra innings.

He's the cog that's helped carry our A's to the top of the division after the first 13 games.

He has a .415 OBP, a .367 batting average, 18 hits (the closest to him is Hatteberg with 13), 23 total bases and four walks to go with only four strikeouts.

He's not getting the national recognition, but that's fine because he can get the recognition here. So, let's take a moment to recognize the A's 2004 MVP...and the early candidate in 2005.

I love Ramon Hernandez and he was one of my favorite players, but how great is it to have Kotsay lead off and patroling center field.