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NY Times Features Athletics Nation

Recently, the New York Times contacted me about writing a piece about the company I'm involved in trying to build based on the AN model.

The story about SportsBlogs was just published online. You have to register at the NY Times in order to read it.

Billy Beane did explain why he does the interviews with AN:

"The reason why I would opt to go do the interviews with them is that it's been a great forum to get the actual message across rather than having it filtered through someone else," Mr. Beane said. "There may be seven newspaper reporters covering one team, and they may be more interested in covering something first than covering something right."

I've never actually said this before, but the reason that I always run my interviews as straight question and answer is because I want AN to hear exactly what is said verbatim and let you make up your own mind. I don't interject my opinion by reframing the sessions into a story because I don't believe I should interpret what is said. I want to leave that up to the AN audience. You get plenty of my opinion in other forms here on the site. I figured I would take this opportunity to let you know why I'm always running the interviews as straight question and answer.

Also, I want to let everyone here know that SportsBlogs is an effort to enable me to make AN my full-time job and make a living being a fan of the greatest sports organization on the planet (hey, I told you I'm biased). My passion for AN is the top priority for me and will continue to be.

With that being said, I'd like start working on one of AN's biggest days of the year. I'd like to nail down a final date for AN Day at the Coliseum II. I proposed August 13, but I'm more than willing to put it out there for a democratic vote. Whichever date gets the most votes (and please vote only if you're going to attend) will be designated AN Day at the Coliseum II.

Click on entry link below to let me know which date in August is best for you. Majority rules.