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Best. Game. Ever.

Well, not ever, but at least so far this season. It had all the ingredients. It was against the popular choice as division favorite. The A's had fine defense from Byrnes (give the guy props when he makes a play and that was one heck of a catch), Street, Kendall, Chavez and the Web Gem (tm) of the year for the A's by Marco Scutaro.

Los Kirk battled through a day in which he couldn't seem to get the ball down until later in the game. The relief pitching, minus Rincon who earned a bit of a flyer today because these are the first runs of the year he allowed, was also brilliant. Huston Street, congrats kid on your first career MLB victory. Dotel did what he does. He weebled and wobbled and just escaped falling down.

Could it be that the Scot Shields throw that escaped Panties Figgins yesterday is the throw heard round the East Bay? Will it be a pivotal moment we'll all look back on early in the season? We shall see. It won't mean much until Chavy comes around.

The A's take the series from the Irvine Angels and now head south to take on the Dallas Rangers of Arlington.

Oh and not related to the game, my daughter started trying to say her first words yesterday. "Bbbbbb" was her consonant attempt. My guess? She was probably trying to say "Billy." I don't think it's a coincidence we finally won a couple of games since that moment. (just kidding, of course)