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Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Perhaps only when you sink to your lowest low, only then can you finally see the light.

It's one start, just like the Tampa Bay game was only one start, but Barry Zito was absolutely fantastic tonight.

And you want to know why? It's absolutely simple. He had his curve working. From the very start of the game. He was dropping the hammer like Renee Zellweger drops pounds.

It was beautiful. That curve was cutting into the strike zone while Number 75 seemed to suddenly pitch with aplomb. Z had found Zen. At least for one night.

Ultimately, the game was a huge letdown because our offense has come out of the gate like a tortoise trying to tow David Wells and Bartolo Colon around in a Radio Flyer.

But we're 4-6, we've got Harden throwing 10,000 miles an hour tomorrow and sooner or later the offense is going to ignite.

If Zito had truly and finally bottomed out in Tampa Bay, and that curves continues to dance, the A's are suddenly looking much better. Of course we won't know that until his next start...and then the start after that...and the start after that.

But remember, the tortoise does eventually win the race.