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Open Thread: 4/1 Spring Training Game

I just contacted Billy Beane to wish him congratulations on his extension and he told me to, "Give his best to The Nation." So, Billy sends his best to AN.

Saarloos goes against Brett Tomko and the Giants tonight.

I'm putting this thread up a bit early for a couple of reasons. I was contacted by a sports reporter from KICU Action 36 and he wanted me to let everyone know that there will be a couple of interesting shows you might want to tune into. One is a 2005 Preview Show about the A's airing at 6 p.m. tonight. Supposedly KMAX-31 in Sacramento is also airing this special as well (although I'm still skeptical given their track record of Judge Judy reruns taking precedence over A's games).

Here is how the reporter described the show to me: It's a half-hour hosted by Mike Sklut featuring interviews and a complete wrap of Spring Training. Spotlighted are Jason Kendall, the re-signed Eric Byrnes, Japanese import Keiichi Yabu and a one-on-one with Ken Macha. Barry Zito talks about being the lone ace as well as the A's new TV commercials.

Then tomorrow, at noon, they will be replaying A's 2005 Preview Show and debut an A's pregame show at 12:30 p.m. which will be live From McAfee Coliseum, featuring player interviews, profiles and other segments.

After I told him that this is the kind of stuff A's fans have been starving for and went into my rant about the lack of quality A's coverage on radio and TV, he mentioned that he wants to do a segment on AN for an upcoming show.

I also wanted to let everyone know that my interview with Eric Chavez will be posted right after the game tonight.

Also, I'm aiming to have hoodies, beanies and kid's sizes up on the AN Official Store tonight as well.

Phew, what a crazy week.