Killing Time with A's Haikus

We've got 3 long days to go, and I've got 3 more hours to kill before I can leave work.  To whit, I am passing the time by composing some A's Haikus.  I realize this doesn't really qualify as something of substance, but I hope some of you have fun with it.  There are always some really clever contributors to AN, so I'm sure you all can come up with some better ones than I've written to get the ball rolling...

Macha, please protest!
Nah, the dugout is comfy.
Got to be Nations.

Whither goes Byrnsie
to the Mets or maybe Mars
Make it stop Billy

What is with those clothes?
seen those orange pants before
Zito's walk of shame

Looking on in fear
Can he possibly make it?
Ruby, First to Third