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Open Thread: 3/31 Spring Training Game

If it looks like a real baseball field and it acts like a real baseball game, does that mean that real baseball is back?

Not exactly. The A's take on the Giants in a three-game series with Seth Etherton and Kirk Saarloos still locked in a heated battle over the fifth starter spot. My guess? Whoever gets that slot will probably not finish the year as the number five starter. I believe that Meyer will likely be up by the end of July, as is the A's tradition.

Of course, most of us are still waiting for word on Bobby Crosby's wrist.

Oh, and I got my Sports Illustrated today and it has the A's finishing behind Anaheim and Texas in the West.

Also, the game is on Fox Sports Net. I'm guessing the Giants announcers will be calling the game. Do yourself a favor, turn down the volume and listen to KFRC. It'll help prevent you throwing up in your own mouth by listening to the Giants TV team.