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This Week's USA Today Sports Weekly

Zito is featured on the cover of this week's Sports Weekly. The inside story about him is excellent, basically saying that he's more than ready to take the leadership role.

A gem quote from it:

"I believe this will be the best season of my career," Zito says. "In fact, to be quite honest, I'm quite sure of it."

You've got to love that cockiness. I think it bodes well for our stud pitcher.

Here's an interesting one from Chavez:

"I'm so sick of hearing about the 'Big Three'" four-time Gold Glove third baseman Eric Chavez says. "There were so many good things that went on besides those three. It's not like those guys won all the games themselves."

And finally, check out this one from Mulder, which certainly made me upset:

"I couldn't be happier," he (Mulder) says. "I'm with a better team. I'm with a better organization. I'm going to be in a better city. Everything is better, and that's how I'm looking forward to it."

You can't argue that he's with a better team since that team went to the World Series last season, but a better organization? Everything is better? Why can't players be more like Tejada and just say good things or keep their mouth shut?

Well, I was going to root for Mulder this year. Scratch that.

I actually wanted to use this story to also throw a poll up about pitching and the former A's Fantastic Four.

Who do you think will win more games in 2005? Click on entry link below to vote and then explain why in the comments. Mulder could approach 30 wins with that offense behind him.

Tomorrow I'll put up a poll about who will have the lowest ERA at the end of the season.


Which pitcher do you think will have the most wins at the end of 2005?

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