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Open Thread: 3/25 Spring Training Game

The A's only night spring training game features Barry Zito going against the San Diego Padres. In an anticlimatic move, Zito was named the opening day starter by Ken Macha yesterday.

I've uploaded my photos from my trip to the site, and I'm traveling down to LA to see family this weekend. They have finally got an Internet connection at my in-laws, so I expect to be posting some of my spring training interviews, reports and photos from down there while Maya's Abuelita dotes over my little baby girl.

Oh and one other thing. We're aiming to put these hoodies up for sale on Monday or Tuesday next week. They're going to be around $35. If you're interested in ordering some for those cold early nights at the Coliseum, please state below the size and quantity you'd like. The better idea we have how many we need of whatever size, the easier it is on the printer. This isn't your actual order, it just helps get an idea of how many to do for the print run.