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Joe Blanton Prediction Thread

OK, so I'm blatantly ripping off this idea from fellow SportsBlogger John Sickels, but I wanted to put up this thread to see what AN envisions Blanton accomplishing in 2005.

After seeing Blanton a lot in 2004 since I live in Sacramento, I think he's going to open some eyes at the MLB level. But for the record, Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA envisions a 4.60 ERA, 66 strikeouts and 28 walks for Blanton in 2005.

I think Blanton will wind up with the following numbers, or close to them:

W-L: 13-8
ERA: 4.22
SO: 115
BB: 36

This is in no way meant to be scientific. Just a prediction thread for fun to see how good AN thinks the kid will do.

He's one of the biggest reasons I'm excited about this team moving forward. He has outstanding control and I think that will help him for the next step up, especially with the A's solid defense behind him.