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Someone Call Bob Eubanks

We've got quite a pair on our Athletics.

Best friends: Byrnes and Barry Zito went to a downtown Phoenix studio Tuesday afternoon to film an episode of "Teammates," a new ESPN production that Zito said is inspired by "The Newlywed Game."

They were scheduled to compete against U.S. (and Cal) swimmer Natalie Coughlin and one of her Olympic teammates, as well a pair of NFLers from the Arizona Cardinals, and they were taking the appearance very seriously.

"We just spent about an hour going over everything -- favorite restaurants, favorite color, favorite food," Zito said before practice. "We're totally locked in."

During batting practice, though, Brynes drew a blank when asked about Zito's favorite ice cream.

"That's one we need to get squared away before we go," Byrnes said. "We said that if we get stuck on something like that, we're just gonna go with something basic, like chocolate."

Zito said the show will air sometime in April.

If Byrnes isn't still with the team, ESPN might have to develop a new series with William Keene.

Also, a side note, congrats to Mark Ellis who made his first step back toward the big club.

The run off Garcia was unearned as a result of Bobby Crosby's second error of the day, but it wouldn't have scored had Mark Ellis not, in his first game action against big league competition since tearing his labrum in a collision with Crosby last spring, singled sharply through the right side with a beautiful piece of situational hitting.

"It did feel a little weird," Ellis said. "But it's a good weird. It's just great to be back on the field."