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Final ACES Cover and AN Tee Orders

The publisher for Mychael Urban's upcoming book ACES sent me the final cover for the book today. It was revised to say, "The Last Season" for Oakland's famed Big Three. Very sad. But at least we're going to have something to immortalize their tenure in green and gold. It's fortunate that Urban chose to write the book when he did.

I figured I would share.

Oh, and Urban shared this little classic nugget with me today.

"Blez, who does Eric Byrnes remind you of?"

"I give up, Urb."

"Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter."

"LOL, I can completely see that. The same energy."

Just wanted to share Urban's little observation with AN that had me laughing out loud.

Also, the company I'm working with to develop the Athletics Nation tee shirts has put together the tees.

They've asked me to see if I could get an estimate as to how many orders on this thread (at least for the initial print run). So, in the comments below, let me know, how many shirts you want, what style and what size. The prices will be between $15 and $20. And I'm told that we can personalize the shirt with your screen name on it, possibly on the sleeve, for an extra $6 or so.

Any way, this is the ringer tee:

Here is the heather tee:

Here is the woman's tee:

Again, let me know what quantity you're going to want, what size and what style. We'll then get these to the printer.