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A Fallen Hero

When I was a young child, I used to go out in my backyard and play whiffleball with my brothers. I'd always pretend I was Jose Canseco. I'd try to mimic his violent swing, which isn't really a very effective strategy in whiffleball.

I'd even scream, "Canseco hits one outta here" whenever I'd actually connect on one of my brother's hanging curveballs. I'd even pretend to give the Bash Brothers forearm salute. I thought the world of Canseco.

I can't believe how far the man with the chemically-enhanced arms has fallen. And now, he's trying to pull down everyone else into his downward spiral.

Everyone knew this book was coming. Someday. Yet, the reality of its existence and what it says about our beloved Oakland Athletics is just sad. If Moneyball became the A's fans good book, then this will be the Satanic Bible.

There is probably truth sprinkled in Canseco's book. But much like dumpster diving, you've got to get really dirty in order to find it.

Remember Olney's first point, because it's a crucial one:

1. He's (Canseco's) out to make a lot of money and will do anything to pump up his product. (Does this surprise us, by the way? Isn't that the same combination of desire and remedy that got Canseco and a lot of other players into steroids in the first place?)

Canseco has followed a very distinct, almost Shakespearean path. Did it all start with the headbutt home run? Or maybe it started earlier, with the fast cars, spousal abuse and Madonna rumors?

Regardless, even if Canseco has a valid point to this book besides making money and getting his name back out there again, it's hard to take Puck seriously.

Even if the clown was once my hero.

Are you going to listen to Canseco? How much do you believe the former Athletic? I added a poll about his book below. Click on entry link to vote.


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