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Open Thread

I haven't put up an open thread in quite a while. I figured people might have some talking to do.

Byrnes did resign today for $2.2 million. But I still think there is a chance he's going to be traded. I don't have any inside information on this, I just feel like he's got good value on the open market right now and the A's don't necessarily believe in Byrnes' skills as much as the fanbase does. We shall see.

Anyone going to FanFest want to volunteer to submit photos to AN? I can't make FanFest for the first time in several seasons. We don't want to take Maya out in crowded places until she's a month old.

Update [2005-2-6 2:21:20 by Blez]: I just added a poll about who you'd like to see win the Super Bowl. Just for fun.