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Open Numbers Thread

We just switched Athletics Nation to a brand spanking new server today, so there shouldn't be any of the problems we've had in the past week or so.

An interesting note from spring training that I haven't seen anywhere.

Several players have switched numbers this season.

Danny Haren who wore 55 in St. Louis is now wearing 24. Octavio Dotel has switched back to his more familiar number 29 since Hammond is gone. Marco Scutaro has switched from 49 to 19. Blanton ditched the horrid number 64 in favor of 55.

And Kiko Calero was brave enough to take over Mark Mulder's number 20.

We finally have a whole bunch of new lucky numbers.

One other note about Scutaro...apparently he knows the way to Billy Beane's heart. He worked on his patience at the plate this offseason.

That's going to be especially important because Macha seems to be indicating he is only going to carry two out of the threesome of Ginter, Ellis and Scoot on the roster.

Good luck to you, Scoot.