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This is My Confession

I did it. I'm ashamed to admit it. I grabbed my keys, walked to my car and drove to the local shopping center.

And with AN as my witness, I'm going to come clean about it, much like Usher did to Chili from TLC.

I knew I was doing it. Yet I couldn't help myself. I got out of my car and, while carrying my daughter in her car seat, I paced outside the store. It was a test of my willpower. Could I stop? Could I turn and walk away? I was about to do a bad thing, yet the impulse drove me inexplicably here, to this place at this time. It must be predestined.

"You know you want to," the voice inside my head kept repeating. "Go ahead and give him your money."

And all of this in front of my daughter. She was about to be witness to her Papi's weakness.

"Well, she's four weeks old, it's time she learn the ways of the world," I rationalized it away to myself. "She's been innocent long enough. Hey, there's Original Sin any way, right?"

I couldn't believe I was this weak, yet here I was.

I walked in the Borders Bookstore and did it. Yes, AN, I purchased Jose Canseco's book. With my daughter watching.

Then again, he was my hero at one point long ago, and it wasn't like "my chick on the side had one on the way."

So maybe it isn't that bad...then again, maybe it is.

Actually, I was thinking about passing it around AN when I was finished to try and keep the sales down. So I'll let you know when I finish the book.