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The Return of Zito

With two sweeping, AN-rocking moves, Billy Beane changed the landscape of our Oakland Athletics forever. I think unquestionably, the man most impacted by the trading of Mulder and Hudson was the 2002 Cy Young Award winner. Because Barry Zito is suddenly the anchor of our staff.

Thankfully, Zito has gone back to his roots. It sounds to me like he got away from them last offseason for the first time.

Barry Zito and Rich Harden will be two of the most important elements to the ultimate success of the Oakland Athletics in 2005. If Zito returns to his vintage 2002 form and Harden continues trending toward superstardom and one of the young pitchers (Haren, Meyer or Blanton) pitches like a veteran, the A's will compete for AL West supremacy in 05.

So, read the article and get to know what the ace of our staff did this offseason to "right his ship."

I, for one, am excited to see Vintage Zito return.