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ACES for Sale on AN; Help for an A's Intern

I've set AN up as an associate, selling Mychael Urban's ACES book below on the bottom right-hand corner. If you haven't already ordered it (and you know you want it), would you please consider preordering it through that link? It'd be good to show the publisher how much AN appreciates Urban's interviews and the exclusive sneak peeks he offered us here. Plus, I get a tiny cut of every book ordered.

Also, a student at UC Santa Cruz and a sometime A's intern recently wrote to me and wanted to get 25 volunteers from Athletics Nation to take a survey.

Here's what she is interested in finding out:

I'm wanting to find out what kind of things the fan community does- from day of game things to other functions outside of events at the ballpark. I am trying to find out how people transition from first getting introduced to the team to becoming part of the core fan community, and what stages this involves. I also want to take a look at how various groups of people fit into the community. For example, are there divisions within the community when it comes to people of different age groups or gender? Does the amount of time someone has been involved with the team effect how they are accepted into the fan community?

Those of you that are interested in taking a survey about being a fan can email her at Her name is Niki and you'd be helping her out with a school project.

Thank you so much.