Greg Myers

Saint and I went to Fan Fest today, as well as I am assuming a fair amount of you. Well, after waiting forever in the Merch line (which next year I wont bother with, since everything good is gone by the time you get there, and we got there at 8AM!) Saint decided to get a splintered bat, I settled on a throwback Jersey for $75. (Later got a Brett Reames jersey for $50, so $125 for 2 Jerseys that combined might cost $400 online is good right?).

Saint settles on an autographed Greg Myers bat (Former A's catcher, now playing for the Toronto BlueJays, I think signed to a minor league deal this offseason). We're standing in line for the Rickey Henderson/Dave Stewart autograph session (anouther story onto itself), when we check out the bat further. We looked at the top of the bat and noticed something funny. It was a bit deformed. We then reilized what it was. The top of the bat was waxed and deformed presumably because of a ball off the end of the bat. But on a normal bat, it wouldnt deform quite like this and there wouldnt be a waxy substance on it.

It hit us. We had Greg Myers' splintered (at the handle) Corcked Bat! We even showed it to Dave Stewart and he said and I quote "There is definantly something wrong with that bat"