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The Worst Kept Secret

Apparently, I'm not stealthy like Bond or Sam Fisher because I didn't realize that John Sickels had already teased his new blog at

Sickels is one of the best writers from the network and I'm proud to have him join the brand new SportsBLOGS network. He will be providing insight on a daily basis on his blog about the minor leagues, something I believe doesn't get nearly the coverage that it should.

So, if we want to know how Daric Barton is doing in Stockton, chances are that Sickels will provide us with insight.

We also believe the diary function at Minor League Ball will be enormously popular because people who live in places like Memphis and Sacramento and Nashville can let fans of the big league clubs know who they need to watch for.

And trust me, AN, I'll be annoying poor Mr. Sickels to death to update us on the A's fantastic farm system.

Go and visit early and often. I think Sickels will be dynamite in this medium.