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Thomas and Piazza Refused Arbitration

The White Sox just refused to offer artibitration to Frank Thomas, clearing the path for the A's to officially make their offer to the slugging DH without having to give up a draft pick if he signs.

I've said this for a few days now, but I would love the A's to sign Thomas. He's a risk, but a good risk. The A's lineup could be very dangerous with the addition of The Big Hurt.

He would likely hit cleanup behind Eric Chavez and the A's would suddenly have several legitimate power threats from day one. Johnson, Chavez, Thomas, Crosby, Swisher and even Payton are all very capable of hitting 20 plus home runs.

In addition, I just saw on ESPNEWS that Mike Piazza was also not offered arbitration from the Mets. But my preference is Frank Thomas. He's been an American Leaguer his whole career and Thomas has a career .995 OPS compared to Piazza's .937 OPS. Thomas also had a .434 OBP as recently as 2004.

It's time to get it done.