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Sickels' Oakland Prospect Review

I completely missed this excellent roundup of the A's top 20 prospects from's John Sickels.

I'd say when four of the top ten become regular major leaguers you're doing something right (and one wins rookie of the year). I guess you can also say that Quintinilla was technically a major leaguer at the end of the season too.

But there's no question that Ethier and Barton will likely be battling for the number one position heading into this upcoming season. Though there seems to be a prevailing concern about Barton's power. I'm personally eager to see Landon Powell this year. I wonder how his recovery has been?

Any way, Sickels is taking preorders for his outstanding Prospect Annual. I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys following minor league development and potential future trade targets for the A's pick up this book. You can preorder the book by going to