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Lost Among the Meetings: King Is Candidate

Thank you AN, for helping Bill King get some well-deserved recognition. He is among the top ten finalists for the Ford C. Frick Award.

I still feel horrible that I didn't push for this last season. But at least King garnered the most votes of anyone up for the award. He got 8,000 more votes than the next nearest candidate (Dave Neihaus from the Mariners).

Also, possibly the greatest Oakland Athletic of all-time finally called it a career. Rickey Henderson has finally hung up his rocket-powered cleats. It's kind of sad because this isn't the way that Henderson should've gone out. He's the type that needed to go out with a bang, not a whimper.

Until something concrete happens at the winter meetings, these are the topics on the table. Thanks for voting for Bill King, AN.

One other quick note, the A's are currently reviewing the design for the King tee shirt that I discussed months ago. If I get approval (and soon), they should go on sale within the next little while. All proceeds garnered from the tee will go to the A's Community Fund which will then be distributed to the Smuin Ballet, per Bill's request.