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Gammons: A's Close to Signing Frank Thomas; Frontrunner to Get Wells

Peter Gammons just reported that the A's are closing in on two deals. The first is to sign Frank Thomas. This has been rumored for months and I like this deal a lot depending on years and money. I would sign Thomas to an incentive-laden contract considering his injury history.

As for Wells, this one baffles me. Wells does a lot of things well (control mostly), but he is also inconsistent and old.

But it appears that something certain A's fans have always wanted (not necessarily me) is perhaps coming true. The A's are in the market for free agents (Loaiza and Thomas) and trading for name players (Wells).

If the A's sign Mike Myers, then I would consider this one of the better A's offseasons in recent years.

Gammons also said that the A's are not likely to trade Barry Zito or get Milton Bradley.

Stay know how these things can change by the hour. But usually when Gammons says it, it has validity to it.