Rumor out of Chicago.

Yes, rumors are running wild, but I ran across a Zito rumor with names and wanted to hear what others thought about it.  Not necessarily its truth or un-truth, but what AN thought about the names involved.

3 way deal - A's, Cubs and Rangers

Zito, Mench to Cubs
Woods to Rangers

As for the A's, I have found a couple of different scenarios.  One has Todd Walker and prospects coming to the A's, another has Soriano and prospects (not sure where Walker ends up for this one, but I would guess Rangers)

It is assumed that Beane would be looking for Felix Pie to be one of the prospects.

Although the power upgrade at 2nd would be a plus (and would give us the right hand power hitter we are looking for), I still like Ellis there.  Especially since replacing Ellis would come at the expense of losing Barry.